Skinega is a luxury, vegan skincare brand, passionate about simplifying skincare, using higher concentrations of fewer ingredients, found naturally in skin or nature. In addition to botanicals, we take skin-natural ingredients derived from natural sources to identically mimic our skin’s natural chemistry.

With a primary focus on what our skin recognizes as natural rather than only botanicals, we achieve results far beyond traditional ‘natural’ skincare regimes. Also, we don’t believe in diluting products with synthetic thickeners, colors, fragrance, or any ingredient that does not directly impact the wellbeing and youth maintenance of the skin.

Fraser Hill, Founder & CEO, Skinega
Fraser Hill. Founder & CEO

Skinega started as our consumer journey to seek out simpler, more transparent, clean, luxury skincare.

I had been working in executive consulting and research for nearly twenty years, in the UK, Asia, Eastern Europe, and North America. My partner worked in luxury skincare in Beverly Hills for many years. We both thought we had sensitive skin, but it was little wonder when most products have 30-99 ingredients. So many of those ingredients having nothing to do with the well-being of the skin, like thickeners, fragrance, texture modifiers and so on, and with active ingredients so vastly diluted by the sheer number of them, we wanted better.

We believe the organic and natural trend is fuelled by demand for cleaner, safer skincare. We also believe that “organic,” “natural,” “free from,” and “clean” are labels that, like “vegan,” should conclusively describe every ingredient in a product, but unfortunately they don’t. These terms have wrongly become synonymous with safer, cleaner skincare, as legally, organic and natural doesn’t have to mean entirely organic or natural. In fact, legally, there is no definition of natural in US law as it relates to skincare. A product can read “Made with organic ingredients” and only contain 70% organic ingredients. Vegan enthusiasts would not be happy if their “made with vegan ingredients” sandwich had a 29% chunk of ham in it, and we think it’s also unacceptable in skincare.

Furthermore, “free from” lists and “clean” are labels that only refer to the bad ingredients in skincare. How is marketing the exclusion of toxic ingredients, carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and other nasty ingredients, is valid point of differentiation? Shouldn’t skin ‘care’ means none of these ingredients are ever included, period?

Clean for us means “no ingredients that does not positively impact the skin.” We wanted to make luxury, vegan skincare with fewer ingredients at higher concentrations, that was “clean” by our definition: undiluted by thickeners, fragrance, colors, or controversial chemicals. If an ingredient doesn’t positively contribute to the well-being of skin, it won’t be found in our products.

Furthermore, we felt the industry generated ‘need’ for a complex array of products was simply not necessary. As our time becomes more and more scarce, daily routines to beautify and protect skin should be getting simpler, not more complicated. So we worked hard to identify our skin’s six main needs and within a year we will launch three products that can collectively be layered to address these needs, eliminating the “need” for separate day and night products, eye, neck and face products.

We started our consumer journey wanting what everyone else wants. We were not “industry veterans” but that ended up being to our advantage as we had no preconceived notions, but we did know what we wanted as a consumer and we worked hard to create it. Real clean vegan luxury skincare, defined in the simplest way, with fewer ingredients at higher concentration, fewer products, and fewer steps to healthy glowing skin.

To be known for connecting and inspiring people who share a desire to make cleaner, simpler, more informed skincare choices.

To simplify and redefine clean, natural, luxury skincare.


From the number of ingredients in our products to the number of products in our skincare regime, to how we communicate with each other and the world, we value simplicity.


From the health of our skin, to what we eat and how we live our lives, we believe in optimal health leading to inspiring ideas, great relationships, and good wellbeing.


Purpose is inspirational. Why we do what we do, why our teams choose to work here, and why our customers buy our products, are at the heart of what we do. We value the why, the purpose.


We value courage. Courage to share ideas no matter where you sit in the organization, the courage to try and fail, the courage to innovate. We encourage courage.


Kindness to our skin but also to others, animals and nature, as kindness is free and giving feels good.



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