West Hollywood, California: Today Skinega Inc., an ingredient-centric, vegan, luxury skincare start-up, launches a proprietary Direct To Consumer (DTC) technology platform that enables anyone in the US to create a personalized home-based Skinega business with zero investment, ever.

Anyone that has friends or a network of people who care about their skin, now have a free platform to earn real money, instantly, and partner with a luxury skincare brand that is obsessed with simpler, safer, vegan skincare.

Brand Partner’s (BP’s) sign up online with only a name and email address. In seconds, they have access to all the tools necessary to start earning 15% on all sales (minimum $20 earnings per sale) paid directly to their PayPal account. Through their personalized website address, created automatically with zero customization requirements, their customers will always enjoy 10% off, for life.

A study by Nielson Research from 30,000 consumers in 60 countries concluded that 77% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about it from friends or family (Nielson, 2015). For years, consumer brands and retailers have been the only financial beneficiaries of free word of mouth marketing.
This is a unique word of mouth marketing model in that there are no fees, ever, and no compulsory purchases. Also, there are no ‘levels’ and no need to ever recruit other people; it’s all about the Brand Partner and their customers. There’s no convoluted multi-tier commission scheme. It’s a flat rate 15% on all sales. Also, there’s zero stock or cash handling on behalf of customers. BP’s just point customers to their website URL, and forever more, as long as customers shop there, BP’s earn at least $20 each time.

“We believe this can do for social media users, what Uber has done for car owners that have some spare time. This is a technology platform set to disrupt how skincare is sold. We’ve combined everything that’s great about previous social commerce models, such as MLM, Direct, and Affiliate Marketing, but taken out all of the cost, complications, sales pressure, stock and cash handling, and other things we know people dislike about these models. Like with Uber, all our BP’s have to do is drive (traffic to their site) and let the technology take care of the rest.

Also, this is not just for people that love skincare. For example, take a male college student that may not care for skincare, but they have a network of family and friends that do. They are as welcome to join and earn supplemental income as those that are passionate about luxury vegan skincare” said Skinega’s Founder and CEO, Fraser Hill.

The platform is live as of today. More details can be found at


Skinega is a luxury skincare brand, passionate about simplifying skincare, using higher concentrations of fewer ingredients, found naturally in skin or nature, and always vegan. Traditional ‘free from’ lists only cover potentially harmful ingredients. Skinega’s free from list also includes ingredients that are useless to the well-being of our skin, like synthetic thickeners, colors, fragrance, shimmer, and other texture modifiers.

Press Contact: Fraser Hill | Founder & CEO | email: Tel: 302 261 3785



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